Interviewing library users (part 3)

Today we talked to the users of the Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) Medical Library. We asked them the same questions that were asked in NTNU/BMH library and UCL Library.

Our questions were:

  1. What do you use this library for?
  2. Why do you (study/read/work/group work) right here?
  3. Where would you study if the library did not exist?

All the people we approached, except one who was in a hurry, were happy to participate in our small interview. We have chosen five different spots and talked to five individual users, as there are currently no rooms for group work. 

Where we interviewed the users

Where we interviewed the users

We spoke to four medical students who were studying for exams, reading library books and own books. Two of them were also using computers — one after waiting for an hour, another one for an hour and a half, having used the waiting time for reading. One interviewee was a nurse who came to search for information, to read new journal issues and to take a look at a recent doctoral thesis.

Two of the students had taken the first computer that became available, one had chosen a carrel booth as a second choice, and one had chosen her favourite place for quietness and for being able to sit by the window. The nurse was standing close to the information sources she needed. The quiet atmosphere was appreciated.



If they could not use this library four of them would have gone to the learning center or the campus library and one would have studied at home.



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