A December week in Kuopio

The week in Kuopio started with summing up, making some blog posts and planning the rest of the week. There were several meetings and appointments.

At UEF, there are three campuses (Kuopio, Joensuu and Savolinna). Kuopio campus hosts two libraries (the campus and the hospital ones) and a distinct learning center which is run by IT and university services, and is independent but in cooperation with the library services. You can find places for reading and working on computers. The learning center offers silent study booths and rooms for group work.

Campus library

Campus library

Learning center

Learning center


While the campus library and the learning center are quite new, the hospital library will move next year to a more central place, in the hospital’s reception area. Even if it is currently kind of “old fashioned”, the medical students met in the hospital library clearly expressed they do prefer to study and work there than in another library or learning center.

KUH library

KUH library


The first meeting was with Jarmo Saarti, the UEF library director, who initiated the whole project. It was very useful to talk to him: there was a discussion about what was already done (statistical and figures background) and in which direction the project should be continued.

We visited the national repository library (Varastokirjasto) that receives, stores, and delivers material from and to all kinds of libraries in Finland.

Scanning at Varastokirjasto

Scanning at Varastokirjasto


We also had the opportunity to discuss with library people about Finna, the virtual national metadata repository that harvests different material metadata from different Finnish catalogs, about information skills training and collecting feedback, and about service promises. We certainly will discuss these last points further in distinct blog posts.


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