Working on performance indicators and our paper for EAHIL 2016

Last week we had a chance to meet face-to-face in Brussels and to work on two things:

  1. On choosing the indicators to be able to compare our services and their impact. Choosing indicators is not easy but we managed to agree on three ISO indicators. We will write more about them later.
  2. On our paper, titled How to work together on an international project? Experiences from a benchmarking project of three European health libraries, that has been accepted to the scientific programme of the EAHIL 2016 in Seville, Spain, in June. We will present it in Parallel Session I Cooperation on Friday 10th June.

In addition to online meetings, that we have regularly, and sharing and writing documents in Dropbox, as well as collaborative blog posting from three different locations, we consider the possibility to meet in person every now and then necessary for effective and productive project work. This time we had a full day after another meeting we all attended.

International cooperation

A Finn needing local support in using a Belgian keyboard.